Choosing the right security services for your needs

Deciding on what type of security your project or site needs can be daunting. However, it doesn’t have to fall on just one set of shoulders.

Consulting with our experienced staff ensures all aspects are covered and addressed to create the best team for your needs.

Experienced officers who understand how to work as a team as well as independently, depending on the needs of the client. Each officer brings their drive for success and doing the job properly to maintain a professional image.

Our officers learn the aspects of each site our company secures. This is to learn our concepts as well as being able to understand and react accordingly to any and all situations that may present itself. In our eyes, this gives our clients a higher quality officer who is ready to serve our clients needs.

Attention to detail is imperative when deciding on security services. Being on time for their shift is just the start to that attention. Following the tasks laid out by the client and our company and doing the job right is a must.

This doesn’t mean that our officers are stuffy and unapproachable. Our officers are all approachable and welcome to assist in any questions a client, staff member or guest may have.

Our company provides quality services based off of the needs of the client and pair these needs with a team of officers equipped and ready to fulfill the tasks for your project or site.

We provide a technological advantage above other companies by offering and implementing Daily Activity Reports as well as live tracking for those clients who require up to the minute information on their sites. Our system can be customized for your site or project and can be amended for new options within minutes. All officers are trained thoroughly on this system before being placed on a client’s site.

Our company provides a high level of professionalism and dedication to the security industry by ensuring the client is taken care of throughout the consulting process, implementation of the contract and through the life of the ongoing service.

key Features

It takes more than just hanging your sign on the door and calling yourself a company.

Here are three key features that sets us apart from many services that are out there.

24 Hour Service

We have officers ready to work all shifts when needed. Our company is ready to serve when it is needed most. Dispatchers are on hand to receive calls 24 hours a day.

Experienced Staff

Our highly trained staff and supervisors are committed to working with each prospective client in all security and investigative needs.

Competitive Rates

Our rates are based off of providing the highest quality service to you while offering a price competitive with the industry. In return, our clients receive a better officer or team of officers for their projects.

Our Happy Clients

Any business who expects to have long-term success relies on making sure clients are taken care of in a manner that

is more than satisfactory. We rely on over-delivery of our services to ensure our clients are pleased in every way possible.

Justin Parker
Wedding Security Client

I have known the owner of Triple J Investigations & Security for many years. I met him while working security together back in 2006. Johnny Joe James was an exceptional officer and an all around great guy. I knew he started a security company so when we needed security for a wedding in July of 2021, he was the first and only person I called. You can’t put a price on great security and great service. That’s just kind of the back story. When I called Triple J Investigations & Security, I asked for his services. I was surprised how great my experience was! Johnny made the whole process easy. We made all arrangements over phone and email. He sent a contract over with the option to e-sign. This made everything so quick and easy. The payment process was also a breeze. Payment was also done electronically. Johnny understood that times were busy and stressful so he never bugged me for payment, not that payment was an issue, mind you. He didn’t ask for it early, just waited until the night before the event and sent me the information to make the payment. The officer was at the wedding and waiting when I showed up. Tim (the security officer) introduced himself to me and we discussed the needs and expectations for the evening. His attire was fitting for the occasion and also donned the Triple J logo. This was a very professional touch in my thoughts. Tim was always helpful if he was asked for anything and didn’t step out of line or bother guests. Once again, I saw this as very professional in my book. I would definitely recommend the services of Triple J Investigations & Security to anyone. Simply put: Great People, Great Service, and Always Professional.


Cachet Works USA


I came across Triple J Investigations & Security while in critical need to find certain individuals and run background checks on them. The need was dire and it was imperative that the reports be accurate and detailed with extensive information. I would also like to state that since I hadn’t really experienced Triple J’s service quality yet, I contracted two other companies in addition to them for the job. What Triple J came back with was astounding and above all incredibly accurate. The information they provided superseded all other investigators and the accuracy was what really impressed me. While i am a member with sites such as Spokeo and Whitepages Premium, they all seem mediocre at best in comparison. After working with Triple J a few times i actually severed ties with other investigators, Triple J Investigations & Security is my sole point of contact for any investigative needs. I never thought an investigator could maintain a 100% hit rate over several projects with regards to the latest and most up to date information. I have been running reports on people for business use since 2003 and I have NEVER come across such paramount quality. In addition to this, Triple J Investigations & Security is very ethical, exerts high levels of professionalism in dealing with their clients and always complete projects before deadlines expire. They truly under-promise and over-deliver. They are the best at what they do and I plan to forge a long term relationship with these fine gentlemen.

Our Client




Leadership plays a major role in the strength of a company. Those who make up our administrative team has worked

many years in the serving of the community.

Johnny Joe James


Phillip White

Regional Supervisor (United States)


Executive Assistant